Take the Guesswork Out of Your Footwork®

At address, do you ever question if you are perfectly aligned, that your stance width and foot position is correct for the club in your hand, or that your ball position is right? Did you know an astounding 90% of your shotmaking potential lies entirely within your control…before the swing even starts!

Inspired by "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons", Stance Caddy® is a personally tailored training aid specifically designed to alleviate any doubts about your golf stance.

Incorporating Stance Caddy into your practice routine will help you establish a consistent stance and eliminate a significant variable in your swing.

This allows you the freedom to channel your focus towards refining every other aspect of your game.

  • Collapse to fit in your golf bag

    Stance Caddy will be with you all of the time. At less then half a pound, it is designed to fold up and fit in the side pocket of your golf bag ready to use at any range session.

  • Customized to you

    Stance Caddy is fully customizable to every golfer. Measure your shoulder width with the simple to use sliding measurement bar to personally customize the correct width for you.

  • All clubs, left and right handed

    Place in front of you with confidence that your feet and ball are placed precisely where they should for every club in the bag. Reversable for right and left handed golfers.

  • Winner of the 2022 PGA Inventors Spotlight Most Innovative Concept.

  • How often do you set up to the ball in poor position?

  • A Creative and Superior Golf Footwork Trianing Aid.