Working the Ball

As your game progresses you will want to start working the ball with fades and draws. At Stance Caddy we have created simple to follow templates that you can use to help setup to practice fading and drawing the ball. 

We have created three sets for both hands. 

  • Slight - 6 degree swing path / 3 degree club face
  • Moderate - 8 degree swing path / 4 degree club face
  • Strong - 10 degree swing path / 5 degree club face

You can download the templet set below and we recommend you place the in a clear plastic paper protector. 


Example Templets

This first image shows the right handed moderate draw setup. Simply place the templet parallel to your target line, then place the Stance Caddy device on top of the to scale template. In this case, your stance will be closed off to the target line by 8 degrees but setup with your clubface at only 4 degrees. Swing down the club path and this should result in a nice moderate draw.

 stance caddy right hand draw

In reverse for the left handed golfer, this sets you up for a moderate fade.

stance caddy left hand fade



Now you can have some fun and use Stance Caddy to help you start working the ball!