While the recommended use of Stance Caddy is per the instructions page (especially for beginners), everyone is different. Stance Caddy is a tool to use to help you become more consistent with your setup making for better ball striking.

Say you work with your golf instructor and they want you to take a wider or narrower stance, you can bump the setting out or in an inch or two. If you prefer the driver ball position further in your stance, just pull Stance Caddy back a bit behind the ball. The key, is repeatably setting up the same way every time, for each club. Below are some adaptations people have made. 

Stance Width Adjustments

Height, or personal preference, plays a role in your stance width. Stance Caddy can be adjusted to adapt in either of these scenarios. We have found that the stance width adjustment is similar to club fitting length adjustments.

Below are suggested width adjustments based on height if the measured shoulder width doesn't quite feel right. Use your 5-iron stance width as your calibration "feel". 

Height Feet/Inches Adjustment
> 6' 6" Add 1.5" - 2"
6' to 6' 6" Add .5" - 1"
5' 6" to 6' Standard
5' to 5' 6" Subtract .5" - 1"
< 5' Subtract 1.5" - 2"

Back Foot Flare

If you prefer to flare your trail foot to provide a bit more backswing rotation, just setup normally first, then flare the toe of your foot back keeping the heel in the same spot. This will maintain the correct angles created by Stance Caddy.

Back Foot Placement

Stance Caddy back foot placement is a continuum from wedge to driver. However, if it is easier for you to focus on 5 positions you can use the markings as follows:

  • W - 60 degree - PW
  • 7i - 9i-7i
  • 5i - 6i-1i
  • 3w - Hybrid-3w
  • D - Driver

Driver Ball Position

Stance Caddy's design, closed in the driver stance, actually moves the ball towards the heel of your lead foot relative to your body. However, if you find that you still prefer it a bit more forward, simply pull the stance caddy back an inch or two on your driver setup.

Nicklaus/Norman Setup

Stance Caddy is inspired by Ben Hogan's stance, however, it is adaptable to support the stance that both Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman outline in their books. All three open their stance with short irons and slowly move to square at the 5 iron. Ben Hogan started closing his stance after the 5 iron, Jack and Greg remained square through the rest of the clubs in their bags. 

To support this adaptation, there are two unfilled marks on the bar that has the white shoulder width marker. Seen here as the "3 Wood" and "Driver" lines. 

Stance Caddy Alternate  Jack Nicklaus Front Foot Placement

If you prefer to follow the philosophy of Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman you can fill in those marks with a marker to make them more visible. Then when you line up with your 3 wood, you can use the first line down as your reference for your front foot. Stand so your front foot is about an inch off the line formed by the 3 wood mark and your backfoot is also about an inch off of the back foot bar marked with the 3w.

Stance Caddy Alternate Jack Nicklaus 3 Wood Foot Placement


With the Driver you can use the second line down as a reference.

Stance Caddy Alternate Jack Nicklaus Driver Foot Placement


These lines will help you stay square after the 5 iron as practiced by both Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman.