Stance Caddy is inspired by Ben Hogan's stance, however, it is adaptable to support the stance that both Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman outline in their books. All three open their stance with short irons and slowly move to square at the 5 iron. Ben Hogan started closing his stance after the 5 iron, Jack and Greg remained square through the rest of the clubs in their bags. 

To support this adaptation, there are two unfilled marks on the bar that has the white shoulder width marker. Seen here as the "3 Wood" and "Driver" lines. 

If you prefer to follow the philosophy of Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman you can fill in those marks with a marker to make them more visible. Then when you line up with your 3 wood, you can use the first line down as your reference for your front foot. Stand so your front foot is about an inch off the line formed by the 3 wood mark and your backfoot is also about an inch off of the back foot bar marked with the 3w.


With the Driver you can use the second line down as a reference.


These lines will help you stay square after the 5 iron as practiced by both Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman.