How to use Stance Caddy

Thank you for choosing Stance Caddy to help improve your golf game. When shipped to you Stance Caddy will be in its collapsed state, which fits easily into your golf bag.




Step 1 – Customize

  • Expand Stance Caddy so that the white and black shoulder width markers are pointing up.
  • Place the white measuring marker on top of your shoulder joint (where you feel the crease joining your shoulder and arm).
  • Slide the black marker out to measure the same spot on your opposite shoulder. Make note of the number, that is where you will set the Stance Caddy every time you use it for every club in your bag. 





Step 2 – Align

  • At the range, extend Stance Caddy to its full swing configuration and set it at the number you previously measured.
  • Use a club or alignment stick to aim down your target line.
  • Place Stance Caddy so the numbered measurement bar is parallel to the club/alignment stick about 2 feet back from the club/stick. 



Step 3 – Take Your Stance

Lead Foot

  • Place your lead heal in line with the foot indicator on the front bar.
  • Flare your foot out to align with the angle of the logo and edge of the front bar. (This is the quarter turn that helps promote opening your hips.)
  • Position the front of your lead foot about an inch below the front bar.

Trailing Foot

  • Starting with the wedge, place your trailing foot about one inch below the diagonal bar (same distance your lead foot is from the front bar) with the center of your foot aligned with the W mark.
  • As you work your way through your clubs you will continue to widen your stance and your trailing foot will move from an open position to a closed position to the target.

Ball Position 

  • The ball will always be in the same position off your lead heal. Simply envision a line straight out from the top of the ball marker on the center bar of Stance Caddy.
  • Place the ball out at a comfortable distance for your selected club so your feet are about an inch or two back from the Stance Caddy.




When Stance Caddy is setup correctly your shoulders will be centered directly over your heals when hitting a 5 iron. The outside of your heals will be in line with your shoulders when hitting a wedge, and the inside of your heals will be in line with your shoulders when hitting your driver. 

If you have questions we recommend you read “The science behind Stance Caddy“. It will clarify some of the physics and geometry of the swing related to your foot and ball placement. You could also pick up a copy of the book “Hogan, Ben. Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. Simon & Shuster, Inc., 1957”.