About Us

After hours of staring at, and thinking about, the final image in the back of Ben Hogan's Five Lessons, drawn by Anthony Ravielli, the concept of Stance Caddy was born.
stance caddy overlay


Stance Caddy was created to help people improve their golf game by removing two major variables, your stance and alignment. How do you align to the target? Where do you place your feet...the ball? How wide should your stance be?

Stance Caddy "Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Footwork" so you can confidently work on all of the other aspects of your game!

There are two ways to place the ball. The first being, move it up and back in your stance based on the club. The second, described in Ben Hogan's book  (Top Golf Book of All-Time!) is to keep the ball in the same place relative to your lead foot and move your trailing foot accordingly. 

Stance Caddy is based on Ben Hogan's philosophy and we believe it can help you become a better and more consistent golfer.  

If you would like to see the progression from concept to product you can view the prototypes page here.