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Perfect for setting a strong foundation

Once you get it, you’ll realize how much you needed it!

Stance caddy and my improvement

I am 72 yrs old and since I took up the game at a age of 35 I've always had problems with ball position, since my purchase the issue is no more!!! Finally a instruction implement that WORKS.

Great for working on Fundamentals !

Received the Stance Caddy with prompt shipping a couple weeks ago. It is really useful on resetting fundamentals of ball position and alignment… Helped me with ball striking and with using some impact tape really improved the quality and quantity of center of the club face strikes ! Would recommend for many reasons and for all ability levels (5 h’cap). Using a lot in my simulator and hoping to see results when the weather warms up !

For me, this has been worth it.

I bought the stance caddy about 3 weeks ago. Immediately I noticed a difference in my ball contact and the consistency of my contact. I now understand how and where to set up. I have had less miss-hits these past couple of times playing, my ball striking has helped my confidence soar and I am enjoying playing much, much more. Simply because I now understand where to stand.

Great product for all levels of golfers

Stance Caddy: Golf Stance and Alignment Training Aid

Works for adults and juniors!

Just as promised, the Stance Caddy takes the guesswork out of my footwork! I love using the Stance Caddy on the range while I’m working on my irons and driver. It’s perfect for adults and junior golfers (like me!)

Bring consistency to your game

Easy to set up; straight forward usage makes for great practice sessions right out of the box; will be bringing this to the course every time.

Great product - better service

Incredibly useful tool. I used it for a week or so, and loved it. I used it with a new student who made an errant swing and broke it

One email, and a new one was immediately sent. I couldn’t be more pleased with the product and the service I received

Super Training Product

Being a former PGA Assistant and literally growing up in the Ben Hogan school of thought and swing philosophy this product is dead on. It’s not only a great training aid it is also a great tool for good players to recheck their stance, posture and ball position. It is the perfect tool to obtain perfect stance and address feels.

Big change in my game distance with setup.

Hitting ball longer


Best Ever

By far the best training aid I have ever used! Well worth the cost and you get immediate results!

Finally making solid contact shot after shot

I purchased the Stance Caddy after taking a lesson where one was used. My new teaching pro teaches Hogan's swing. While I had many of Hogan's fundamentals down, I was never taught his lesson on foot and ball placement in stance. Using this has helped me immensely in getting used to having one impact point for every club in the bag, and it's the solution I needed to help me build consistency with my longer clubs.

Valuable training aid for golf

The Stance Caddy is not only light weight and compact%2C but it’s truly a worthwhile aid in developing a more reliable golf swing. Developing good posture%2C proper ball position%2C proper alignment is half the battle in improving your golf game. The proper stance helps ensure a better swing plane and impact. The Swing Caddy does just that%21 It’s easy to use and fits in my bag easily. It’s not a gimmick. It’s what every serious golfer should have in their bag.

Stance Caddy: Golf Stance and Alignment Training Aid

So far, so good. Great visual to show me how off I was during my play….

Issue made right

I had an issue with the shipping, but Mr. Brian Smith went out of his way to make it right. It was greatly appreciated. Customer service was top notch! I am impressed with the Stance Caddy so far!

Hi Michelle - I apologize that the product was not delivered within the expected timeframe. USPS shows it arrives tomorrow, however, it is no acceptable it took so long. I will track the order to make sure you receive it and contact you about resolving the issue.


Super Good

This is by far taking all the guess work out of teaching and practicing. This is a great way to develop confidence and consistency. Get yours today 🏌🏿‍♂️

Great ball position stance well recommend

Better than I thought

This suprised me, in a good way.